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From 16 to 27 May 2022, Gurr Johns’ gallery at 16 Pall Mall, London, hosts the first solo exhibition in Europe of the celebrated Canadian Indigenous artist Adrian Stimson (b.1964). ‘Manifest Buffalo: A Bison Dream’ presents more than 30 new paintings by the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation artist whose work addresses issues of colonisation and identity construction and brings First Nation issues to an international audience.

The exhibition is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the High Commission of Canada in London.


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Gurr Johns is pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Adler Rosan as Senior Director of Fine Art, specialising in 20th Century and Contemporary Art. Based in New York, and bringing 25 years’ experience in the art market, Rachel provides appraisals for estate tax, charitable donation, insurance, and collateral loans, and advises private clients on acquiring and deaccessioning works of art.

Before joining Gurr Johns, Rachel spent nine years as Vice President of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s where she led both the Day and Evening sales during a time of rapid market expansion. After leaving Sotheby’s, she consulted for Gurr Johns for several years before joining Phillips in 2015 as Senior Specialist and Head of Appraisals for 20th Century & Contemporary Art.

Charlie Horne, President, Gurr Johns Americas says: “We are delighted to welcome Rachel to the global team at Gurr Johns. She brings an extraordinary wealth of experience having played prominent roles in both art sales and valuations at both Sotheby’s and Phillips, and she is already familiar with the team having worked independently for many years with Gurr Johns. Rachel will further bolster our expertise based in New York, and her appointment reinforces our commitment to serve as impartial and trusted professional advisors to art collectors throughout the US, and across the world.”

Rachel is a member of ArtTable and is actively involved with the American Friends of the Israel Museum. She is a certified member of the Appraisers Association of America and her appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


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From 7 to 17 October 2021, in association with ARTUNER, Gurr Johns is pleased to be hosting ‘Threading the Line’, an exhibition of works by Rebecca Salter P.R.A., the President of the Royal Academy of Arts.

This is the first exhibition by ARTUNER dedicated solely to the work of Rebecca Salter with whom they have collaborated since 2017; her paintings have previously featured in international exhibitions including ‘In Praise of Shadows’, 2017, in New York City and ‘Memories Arrested in Space’, 2018, at the Italian Cultural Institute in London. This exhibition will showcase large scale paintings spanning the 2000s to new works, most of which have never previously been seen in public, and will be hosted at Gurr Johns’ newly renovated gallery space in Pall Mall, in the heart of London.

The exhibition is open from Friday 8th to Sunday 17th October from 10am to 6pm and from 8.30am to 8pm on Tuesday 12th October at Gurr Johns, First Floor Gallery, 16 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5LU.

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Gurr Johns: Perspectives sees our specialists share their views, opinions, and insights about the global art world.

In the last of this series, Alessandro Fiorotto (Managing Director, Gurr Johns Capital) shares his thoughts on why you shouldn’t turn your next child into an NFT, what’s changing in the art finance world, and the new specialty lender about to arrive on the scene…

* NFTs continue to be headline news. Are they the future of art collecting? Should I mint an NFT of my child? Would you lend against it?  

Alessandro Fiorotto (A.F) All good questions, to which I would have to answer no. We are living in a new age of art investment and, as the industry continues to evolve, we’ve seen a heightened interest in the digitalization of the art market and NFTs in particular, but only time will demonstrate their longevity and staying power. Personally, now that the world is opening back up, I believe that many collectors are enjoying returning to galleries and auction houses and seeing artworks hanging in front of them again, rather than just sharing them on an iPad.

In terms of lending against digital art and NFTs, as with any volatile asset, it is complex, but not impossible. There’s no doubt that the trading of digital assets in the form of an NFT on traditional fine art auction platforms has helped add credence to NFT-linked art as an asset class. NFTs’ ability to pinpoint authenticity is critical for buyers and sellers, which coupled with the ease of transfer and payment with cryptocurrency, makes them an attractive asset for new-age investors obsessed with liquidity.

Whether the NFT is a transformer or disruptor is open to debate. Ultimately, NFTs are just another form of digital art (which has been around for a long time) uniquely tied to a blockchain, and just as blockchain will change some industries more than others, it will also leave its mark on the art world.

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Gurr Johns: Perspectives sees our specialists share their views, opinions and insights about the art world.

In the latest in the series, Ben Clark (CEO) and Mark Adams (Senior Art Advisor, London) discuss the shifting dynamics in the global art market, reflect on new and emerging trends, as well as one or two which aren’t quite as transparent as they might seem..


*How has a day in the life of a Gurr Johns Art Advisor changed in the past 15 months?

Ben Clark (B.C.) Being grounded  in London and unable to visit clients and engage with them in real time and space has been a huge challenge for all of us.  The silver lining is that as a global team, we have really pulled together.  With offices in three key continents and access to an international network of over 50 specialists has meant we can genuinely be the eyes and ears on behalf of our clients and that has been a huge advantage.

As advisors, our role as ‘filter’ has become ever more critical over this period. With the benefit of objectivity, my current default position is to be highly selective and act with caution – whether at auction or private treaty sale.  However,  I have unearthed my passport and I can’t wait to jump on a plane.

Mark Adams (M.A.) Personal contact or the lack of it– I long to meet my clients face-to-face again and to look at art with them.  However business-like we have all become, I think that the majority of players in this industry joined because they love art.  I’ve really missed the experience of standing with a client in front of a great painting and watch as it does its work, enchanting them.  It’s the best experience in the world. 

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Sonia Fazlali–Zadeh, jewellery and watches specialist at Gurr Johns, has written an article on the market for Watches for the current edition of Ecclesiastical Review Magazine.
In the article Sonia discusses the impact of COVID-19, trends in the market for both new and vintage watches, and what to look for if you’re thinking of making an acquisition.
Read the full article here.


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Gurr Johns is pleased to announce the appointment of Lilly Dai as Business Development Director, Asia. In this new role, Lilly will be responsible for promoting Gurr Johns across China and South East Asia, ensuring that both private art collectors and institutional clients have the greatest and most seamless possible access to the company’s full suite of art advisory services, including brokerage, valuations, collection management, and art finance.

A native Mandarin speaker, Lilly’s time will be split between London, Greater China and South East Asia. She will work closely with Ben Clark, CEO of Gurr Johns, who joined the firm in 2019 having previously been based in Hong Kong as Deputy Chairman of Christie’s Asia, and for whom promoting best-practice and enshrining impartial professional services in the Asian art market is a key strategic priority.

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Jessica Wessel and Charlie Maxwell


By Art Market Snapshot, Business, Gurr Johns News

Gurr Johns: Perspectives sees our specialists share their views, opinions and insights about the art advisory world.

In the latest in the series, Charlie Maxwell (Director Valuations, London) and Jessica Wessel (Senior Vice President Business Development, New York) reveal how Gurr Johns’ global valuations department has adapted to the challenges of the last year, the key triggers for an appraisal, and some of the more unusual objects which they have been asked to value…

How have the extraordinary events of 2020 impacted the world of Valuations and Appraisals?

Charlie Maxwell (C.M.) About 70% of our UK business is related to insurance valuations so demand has continued to be high, despite the limitations of not having physical access to people’s homes and collections. As a global team, we reacted quickly to the first lockdown and launched an online valuations platform which enabled us to offer our clients an (almost) business as usual approach.

Jessica Wessel (J.W.) Our appraisal team in the US undertakes a lot of fiduciary service-related work which continued regardless of Covid and the US election prompted a lot of estate planning activity in the last quarter of 2020. In fact, we completed a record number of gift tax and art lease appraisals and expect this trend to continue, particularly if proposed changes to the tax laws go ahead.

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Shea Goli Art Advisor London


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Gurr Johns: Perspectives sees our specialists share their views, opinions and insights about the art world. In the first of the series, Shea Goli shares her thoughts on the contemporary market during COVID-19 including market trends, NFTs, and the artists on her radar.

What has surprised you most about the contemporary market’s response to the global pandemic? 

Fifteen years ago, the pandemic would have been disastrous for the art market so thankfully advances in digital technology have enabled the art world to adapt quickly and move completely online.  While Zoom, social media and Clubhouse chats have been helpful, and no doubt long overdue in our industry, they can’t begin to replicate the in real life experience of standing in front of a work of art or chance meetings at an art fair or gallery opening.  Even the most impressive online viewing rooms have simply reinforced to our advisory team at Gurr Johns the importance of the non-digital space as a channel for discovering new art and engaging in personal relationships.  There is a certain momentum and energy to selling art that cannot be captured digitally.

As a contemporary art advisor, it’s really tricky to work in this context and with so many obstacles; our business is based on relationships and you can’t underestimate the value that clients place on our specialist insights and access.  That said, while restrictions have been challenging, they have also highlighted the need for change. The push to digital in a mostly antiquated business has provided new and exciting opportunities for artists and new collectors, as well as showing us that we can all afford to slow down when it comes to travel and art fairs!

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Gurr Johns Team Museum Artwork


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This year, Gurr Johns and ESA Business School are pleased to celebrate the fifth anniversary of a successful partnership offering the leading art business course in the Middle East.

This enterprising initiative was launched in 2016 when Diane Abela, Gurr Johns’s Director for the Middle East, was approached by two Lebanese art experts who proposed a partnership with the Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA Business School) in Beirut to create a highly specialised Art Business Course. In the past five years, more than seventy alumni have completed the six-month course; participants have included professionals and collectors, all of whom have been given the opportunity to gain specialised knowledge and insight into the most important relevant aspects of the art business from valuations, marketing and market trends to art law and finance.  The course culminates in a four-day trip to London organised by Diane which includes exclusive access to museums, galleries, auction houses and artist studios.

Diane Abela, Director for the Middle East, Gurr Johns: “Having launched this initiative only five years ago, it’s amazing to think that our partnership with ESA has already seen more than seventy particpants in the Middle East graduate from the Arts Management course, and it’s really encouraging that demand continues to grow. The alumni community is a diverse group; from collectors and enthusiasts to finance and law professionals who had sought expert insight into the art world, as well as post-graduates now employed at galleries across Europe and the Middle East. Gurr Johns is extremely grateful to ESA for being such professional partners and we look forward to welcoming more participants and to growing the alumni community internationally in years to come.”

Maxence Duault, General Director of the ESA Business School: “We’re very pleased to have partnered with Gurr Johns and to now offer the leading art business course in the region. Their expertise and values complement our dedication to academic excellence, and we look forward to this partnership continuing to thrive for many years to come.”