Each year, Gurr Johns conducts over $10billion of valuations and appraisals.  A significant proportion of which are for insurance purposes. 

Across the Americas, United Kingdom and Europe, Gurr Johns is a key partner for the insurance community and their clients’ tangible assets.

We provide valuations and appraisals for:


Our retail replacement values are accepted by all leading insurance carriers to ensure that your artworks, jewelry, wine and other valuables are appropriately insured. Our proprietary annual updating service keeps the value of our clients’ tangible assets in line with current markets.

Damage & post-loss

We assess the loss in value for art and objects that have been damaged or improperly restored. We also provide values in the event of a theft or unexplained disappearance of tangible property. Gurr Johns offers a range of valuation services to support the claim process.

Picture hanging survey

A frequent reason for insurance claims, we carry-out risk assessment on picture collections and how they are hung.