Private Clients

Gurr Johns works closely with both sophisticated collectors and those who are beginning their collecting journey, exploring the full spectrum of art-based transactions from old masters to contemporary art, and antiquities to modern design.

Acting on behalf of buyers, whether buying for passion or investment, our role is to identify and access unique opportunities.  We advise on private sales and auction acquisitions as part of both short and long-term collecting strategies.  Our traditions of connoisseurship, professional due-diligence, and commercial acumen ensure that our client’s interests are always protected and that only the very best works of art are acquired.

Acting on behalf of sellers, the starting point is a consultation and collection audit or valuation. Our expertise includes:

  • Auction & private sale consignment negotiations
  • Arrangement of museum gifts & loans
  • Liaison with legal, taxation & other professional advisors
  • Pre-sale & post-sale management and logistics
  • Arrangement of Third-Party Guarantees

Annual appraisals allow Gurr Johns clients to track fluctuations in the market and account for a high volume of sales and acquisitions.

Gurr Johns’ valuations allow you to engage in a wide range of estate and financial planning – transfer of art assets, the funding of trusts, art leasing, art as collateral, philanthropy and museum donations.