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On 17 December 2020 Ben Clark, CEO of Gurr Johns, was quoted in an article in The Art Newspaper exploring the growth of the art market in Asia.

“None of this surprises me,” says Ben Clark of the art advisors Gurr Johns. Between 2017 and 2019 Clark was based in Hong Kong as deputy chairman of Christie’s Asia. “I have been seeing the continual strengthening of the Asian market for at least three years,” he says: “But there has been a definite shift in the past six months. We are seeing far more new young buyers, who have often come into the market through luxury goods or jewellery. For instance, Christie’s previewed part of its sale in the upscale Joyce department store in Hong Kong.”

“There hasn’t been a shift in the number of top-end buyers in Hong Kong, which remains small,” Clark says; “And some top lots in the sales return to the West. The real change is the blossoming of new younger buyers at a lower level.”

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